Campo de Tosca extra natives Olivenöl 500ml

  • Olive variety: 100% Picual
  • Collection date: October, November.
  • Quality: Extra Virgin.
  • Integrated Production
  • Acidity: 0.1
  • Collection method: Mechanical, manual vibrator.
  • Manufacturing process: Transport to mill in fruit boxes of 25kg, grinding in the day.
  • Cold extraction. Storage: Stainless steel with nitrogen. Controlled environment.
  • Packaging: White painted glass. Screen printing in relief.
Recommendations for use: In raw, fried and roasted. Ideal for toast, vegetables and salads. A differentiating touch in pasta, rice, stews, baked fish, sauces and desserts.
Campo de Tosca extra natives Olivenöl 500ml


A family business that prides itself on being one.

We are more than three generations of farmers who have sown and seen our olive groves growing, taking care of and pampering every process necessary to obtain a superior quality product.

From our enclave in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, the tranquility of walking day by day about our history, of knowing how to appreciate the work that each member of our family has done, serves as an impulse to keep moving forward; to manifest to the market a new philosophy of product value. 

Nonconformists by nature, we work daily to achieve excellence in all the processes necessary to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Premium, putting our motivation and enthusiasm in each step, looking for small constant improvements during the process.