Turrón aus Brot, Olivenöl und Chocolate 150g



Turrón aus Brot, Olivenöl und Chocolate 150g


Torrons Vicens is a family owned Company holding a long Nougat tradition. Based on Urgell’s village of Agramunt (Lleida), known as the origin of the “Torro”(Nougat) and the “Xocolata a la Pedra”(Stone chocolate), produce traditional nougats and other specialties.

During most of two centuries the Vicens’ Family has been loyal to the production of the artisanal nougat, and specifically to the Agramunt’s nougat. Their origin is documented for a first time on 1741, where this product appears on Noble family letters, but is known this tradition came to this village from long time ago.

As if time had stopped, the expert hands of our craftsmen continue today as developing our so dear sweet.

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