Sardinen mit Escabeche (Marinade) 120g


Sardin Filet Mariniert und in einem gekochtsauerMischung (Essig) und manchmal mit pimenton (Spanische Paprika) oder Safran gefärbt.

Es ist eine gemeinsame Erhaltungs Technik wird ein pH-Wert von 4 oder weniger zu Erfordern Effektiv Fäulnis des Produkts zu stoppen.

Sardinen mit Escabeche (Marinade) 120g


It was founded by Italians who brought the first canneries to Matosinhos, northern Portugal, in 1940. Investing in a new unit in the 1980s, La Gondola decided to dive into a diverse cannery production.

Our cans are manufactured by the traditional pre-cooked method, following carefully the production per campaign, in which the fish is in maximum conditions of quality and flavor. We do not try to compete with mass products. Quality is our main concern. 

We are producers and we market our preserves. We have an honest relationship with our suppliers and with our Customers. Our products are aimed at the Gourmet segment high market!

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