Thunfisch-Filets in Olivenöl mit Ingwer 120g

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Thunfisch-Filets in Olivenöl mit Ingwer 120g


The canning industry has existed in the village of Calheta de São Jorge since the 1940s of the last century. The Santa Catarina factory is located on the seafront, in the Fajã Grande of the village of Calheta, on the island of São Jorge, Azores archipelago.

It is a company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of canned tuna, which excels in quality, combining technology with ancestral craft methods, and the factory is currently the main private employer of the island of São Jorge, with 139 members.

Santa Catarina cane is made from tuna caught using the jumping and rod method, a method that selects the best specimens, safeguarding the species' preservation and respecting the marine ecosystem. "Friend of the Sea" certification, being the first tuna fishery in the world to obtain these awards; a true example of sustainability.

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