London 7am Tee 80g


Made possible by the hand of man, black teas have a wide aromatic range, related to the oxidation process they have undergone.

Fashioned by true "masters of tea", they reveal notes sometimes gourmet and vanilla, sometimes malted and roasted.

Their amber-colored liquor, which has earned them the name of "red teas" and their often robust body make them easily recognizable.

London 7am Tee 80g


Created in 2015 by two tea lovers, Kodama offers gourmet and surprising recipes. Their creed: to reconcile the creativity of the alchemists with the rigor of the infusors. 

Behind Kodama, there is first a trip to Taiwan, where the tea took its places in all the mouths, and we fell in love with this extraordinary plant. For years, we have tasted teas from around the world, trying to capture the aromas and understand the stories.

Without prejudice and without taboo, Kodama creations associate the noblest tea leaves with flowers, fruits or spices. Behind every tea, there is the conviction that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Without exception, Kodama teas can be baked hot or cold to reveal tasty hot teas or refreshing iced teas.

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