Secreto Ibérico in Escabeche 400g


Iberisches schweinefleisch geheimnis, essig, sherry wein, wasser, natives olivenöl extra, gewürze und salz.

Allergène: kann spuren von laktose, ei und gluten enthalten.

Secreto Ibérico in Escabeche 400g

In our Factory, we manufacture our patès following a traditional hand-made process, just trusting in the best ingredients to confer to our products the best flavour and taste. 

We are based in a natural space in the heart of “Sierra de Cazorla”, a massive set of mountains located in the north-east of Andalusia.

A junction of leafy forest of Sierra de Cazorla, a varied fauna, an excellent production of olive oil and the use of heritage recipes transmitted from parents to sons, we achieve a new industry mixing new technologies with the responsibility gained working seriously for many year in the butchery business.

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